Healthy benefits of Indian cuisine

The health conscious food lovers in general and Indian food adorers in specific should explore the healthy benefits of Indian cuisine. With Indian cuisine one has not to worry about his or her waistline anymore since Indian food is ineluctably considered as the healthiest kind of food and now you can simply sit at the total luxury of your home and enjoy this delicious cuisine. However, before one plan to avail an authentic Indian food he or she should meticulously follow few tips. There are many Indian food that are authentically tagged as the healthy since it integrates the fresh and health ingredients unlike many fast foods that are provided in many eating places. With Indian cuisine one is guaranteed to savor the tastiest as well as healthiest foods of the era.    Indian Meal

One should choose to have Indian tandoori menu. This is essentially because in the tandoori preparation one will find that there is zero oil utilized and the ingredients are efficaciously marinated in the Indian species that are purely fresh and moreover grilled in a clay oven. The utilization of clay oven possesses its own health benefits since there is nil electricity or gas used. In clay oven they only make use of the coal to effectually generate fire. Indian tandoori cuisine is available in both non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes. Besides, in the non-vegetarian tandoori dishes, the meat utilized is always lean with nil fat content and hence it is found to be healthy for a user. The other benefits are substantially hidden in the foods that are baked or steamed. One could opt for the plain rice and tandoori roti as its healthy integration accompanying his or her main course. Plain rice is a healthy option provided which can be eaten with variable types of Indian curries. Roasted papadoms are also healthy. Yet other benefit lies in the various types of Indian chutneys like yogurt enriched with mint or mango which is extremely healthy and in addition enhances food’s taste.            

Indian cuisine is essentially pertaining to the wide assortments of pulses from toor dal to urad dal or black gram, red lentils or masoor dal, green gram or moong dal, etc. that are used.  Urad dal is the most popular Indian pulse. This pulse is used in making of idlis and dosas which are considered as traditional south Indian foods. Black gram is assimilated with many health benefits. It is found to be rich in protein; it is an efficient energizer replenishing body’s iron content. It contains high fiber and reduces blood cholesterol level. The other healthy pulse enhancing the flavors is moong dal rich in antioxidants and fiber which reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels to a large extent, minimizes hypertension, provides body resistance against many infectious diseases and energizes body.


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